Transportation you can rely on

Making transit affordable and reliable

Ottawa needs reliable transit that people can afford.

Right now, we pay some of the highest fares in the country to use a transit system that we can’t depend on. 

Our city has so much potential — but it fails us every time transit makes you late to work or to pick up your kids. The people of Ottawa deserve more than cancelled bus trips and cuts to our public services. 

Our City Needs a Reliable and Affordable Transit System. 

Catherine has spent years advocating for better transit in our city and pushing for greater accountability at City Hall by championing a public inquiry into Stage One of Ottawa’s light rail transit project. 

Our transit system needs to change, and Catherine has the experience we need to get it done.

Improving transit will help everyone, including people who regularly use transit, people who use it occasionally, and drivers who will benefit from less congestion on Ottawa’s roads.

LRT westbound at Pimisi

As Mayor, here is what Catherine will do to bring affordable and reliable transit to Ottawa.

Reliable transit

  • Make transit more convenient by increasing transit operations by 20% over the next four years, to help you get across the city and around your own community.
  • Make transit more reliable and efficient by initiating a review of the entire route system to ensure transit is serving communities across the city in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Make the LRT more reliable. If RTG/RTM is found in default of their contract, we will take advantage of the option to bring the maintenance contract into City control, where we will hire the expertise to fix the system.

Affordable transit 

  •  Freeze transit fares. 
  •  Expand free transit to all children and youth ages 17 and under.
  •  Make transit more accessible to low income residents by making the Equipass more affordable.

Catherine knows that the status quo on transit is broken. Every time that transit prevents you from getting to work or to picking up your kids on time is a failure. 

McKenney’s plan for transit is achievable and affordable. Their plan will be paid for by reallocating existing City spending away from lower priorities. These reallocations will allow improvements with no change to the current 3% approach to property taxes and no increase to transit fares.

Catherine’s plan also covers how, as the Mayor of Ottawa, they will deliver transit that is fast, green, and accessible.

Green Transit

  • Accelerate electrifying Ottawa’s fleet of buses.
  • Encourage people to use transit, by making it affordable and reliable, in order to reduce emissions.

Accessible Transit

  • Invest in Para Transpo and accessible taxi services with funds raised by increasing the accessibility surcharge on rideshare companies (to 20 cents per ride).
  • Implement the ‘ParaParity’ principles to improve services and provide quality accessible transit.

McKenney on the LRT

Catherine is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the greenest, healthiest, and most connected city in Canada. 

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