Supporter Toolkit

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Just like Catherine's approach to City Hall, this is an open and collaborative campaign. We depend on the energy and talent of our supporters, and want to make it easy to find our graphic assets for personal use.

We've got you covered, from buttons to signs, and much more. Be sure to use #McKenneyForMayor when you post!

Download digital shareables

  • Graphics
  • GIFs (also available for use on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!)

Download printable materials

By downloading any of these assets, you agree to only use them for your personal, noncommercial use to show support for the Catherine McKenney for Mayor 2022 campaign.














Are you artistic? We're sharing the campaign colours to help you make supporter materials that show why you're voting for Catherine.

dark purple

C96 M100 Y8 K1

R57 G48 B136


med. purple

C71 M71 Y0 K0

R99 G93 B169


light purple

C29 M28 Y0 K0

R178 G176 B216



C5 M13 Y91 K0

R244 G211 B50



C42 M3 Y98 K0

R163 G199 B60



C76 M15 Y25 K0

R23 G165 B85





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