Sutcliffe’s financial plan doesn’t add up

Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney issued the following statement on their opponent Mark Sutcliffe's financial plan.

October 13, 2022 (OTTAWA) – During today’s CTV mayoral debate, Catherine McKenney challenged Mark Sutcliffe financial plan, showing that it doesn’t add up. With a multi-million dollar hole, Sutcliffe’s campaign plan accounted for inflation on less than half of the city operational and capital budget, instead of on all of it.

Sutcliffe’s plan only accounts for inflation on spending funded through property taxes — but not on spending funded by other sources like user fees. This leaves a hole representing tens of millions of dollars.

“While Sutcliffe’s financial plan doesn’t add up, I have the experienced leadership Ottawa needs in the Mayor’s office. I’m ready to lead our city on day one,” said McKenney. 

Here is why Mark’s plan doesn’t add up:

  • In Mark’s plan, it says the city would face  $75 - $100 million dollars in inflation pressures. His plan accounts for inflation at a 3.5% rate.
  • But when you do the math, that only would make sense if the city budget was 2 billion dollars — but the city’s budget is actually over 5 billion dollars.
  • This doesn’t add up – and means Mark only added inflation costs for less than half of the City of Ottawa’s budget. 

While Mark’s plan just doesn’t add up, McKenney has the experienced leadership needed in the Mayor’s office.

“On top of the other cuts in his platform, Mark must now tell voters how he will fill this hole,” added McKenney. “Will it be through even more cuts or will it be through higher user fees?”


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