McKenney called for LRT inquiry; Sutcliffe’s co-chairs voted to stop it

Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney issued the following statement on LRT transparency

October 20, 2022 (OTTAWA) — “The flaws in Ottawa’s LRT are a clear symptom of the culture of secrecy and bad decision-making that was fostered at City Hall. The most expensive project undertaken by the city was a P3 failure that resulted in ongoing derailments, shutdowns and costly repairs, and worst of all leaving riders stranded as they travelled to work and home. 

That’s why I twice called for a public inquiry into the LRT. 

Unfortunately, a majority of Council voted against the transparency of an inquiry, including Mark Sutcliffe campaign co-chairs Jean Cloutier and Eli El-Chantiry.

Fixing Ottawa’s beleaguered light rail system will be an early challenge for the next council, as the Ottawa LRT inquiry will deliver its final report by November 30th. We need a mayor who will take action on the findings of the inquiry, not a mayor who is beholden to those who rejected transparency on LRT. 

On October 24, you have a choice. I have a plan to fix transit and make it more affordable. And I have the experience to implement the findings of the inquiry. You know you can trust in my commitment to transparency and honesty.”


Catherine McKenney is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the greenest, healthiest, and most connected city in Canada. For more information visit

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