A Thriving, More Prosperous Ottawa

Catherine will help small businesses and entrepreneurs, while building a thriving city that will attract major employers offering well-paying jobs.

As Mayor, Catherine will build a vibrant and thriving city with both the economic development and the City services that we need.

Small businesses are the heart of our communities and the engine of Ottawa's economy, yet they often struggle to thrive for many reasons, including the impact of the pandemic. Catherine will make the City work for small businesses by helping them thrive and ensuring mainstreets, plazas and town centres are supported through City policy as integral commercial hubs of communities.

Catherine will establish a dedicated liaison service for small businesses navigating City resources and requirements, among other commitments. 

To help small businesses thrive, as Mayor, Catherine will extend the small business property tax subclass, which is the new property tax discount for as many as 10,000 small businesses across Ottawa.

Catherine will also focus on attracting major employers offering high-skilled, well-paying jobs, and will foster the growth potential of our entrepreneurial leaders.

A healthy city with strong economic development benefits small businesses and entrepreneurs. And vibrant small businesses benefit our communities. 

Catherine will make the following improvements to supporting small businesses and economic development:

  • Ensure small businesses can thrive as integral members of the local economy and community
  • Foster opportunities to “Buy Local” and support the vibrancy of mainstreets, plazas and town centres as commercial hubs of communities 
  • Attract to Ottawa one to two major employers of high-skilled workers 
  • Foster Ottawa’s entrepreneurial community for the future
  • Stimulate our local food and agriculture economy
  • Stimulate tourism through strategic initiatives
  • Build a vibrant city with robust municipal services

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