Standing up for rural Ottawa

From Carp, to Navan, to Manotick, rural Ottawans deserve responsive city services and a Mayor that meets their needs. From broadband connectivity, paramedic support, water, wastewater, to storm drainage infrastructure – the city has a duty to respond to the needs of residents, wherever they live.

Catherine’s plan to prioritize Ottawa’s rural residents includes:

  • Protecting rural communities by ensuring developments commit to safeguards for clean water, farmlands, and rural ecosystems.
  • Ensuring rural communities are properly served by city services with disaster relief and mitigation in extreme weather.
  • Addressing the current crisis in rural paramedic  support.
  • Engaging with other levels of government and stakeholders to improve the availability of broadband internet. 
  • Preventing sprawl from developing more farmland.
  • Ensuring regional representation, including for rural communities, on city committees.

With Catherine as Mayor, no community will be left behind. Catherine's vision for a world-class city includes every corner of Ottawa, and values our rural communities.