McKenney Writes Letter to OPS Board

Catherine McKenney sent the following letter to the Chair and Members of the Ottawa Police Services Board:

1 September, 2022

To: The Chair and Members of the Ottawa Police Services Board 

The Ottawa Police Services Board (PSB) is currently in the process of recruiting, interviewing, and potentially hiring a new, permanent Chief of Police for the Ottawa Police Service in the coming weeks. This process is underway at the same time as a municipal election campaign is taking place, and I understand the hiring decision could take place prior to Election Day on October 24th.

As you know, after Election Day Ottawa will have a new Mayor and a plurality of new Councillors. There will also be a new Chair of the Board and new members of the Board. These newly elected officials will assume their positions with a new mandate from the citizens of our city. It is only right that the selection process for the incoming Chief of Police reflects the choices being made by voters.

I am asking you to pause the recruitment and hiring process until after the 2022 municipal election. The people of Ottawa deserve to have a say in the future of policing in our city, particularly after a year of unprecedented turbulence.

Allowing the new Ottawa PSB to oversee this process will ensure that the leadership of one of our most critical municipal services reflects the current priorities of our citizens.

This is a time for renewal for the City and for the Police. I ask that you allow the new Council and new PSB to choose the Chief who will lead that renewal.


Catherine McKenney


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