McKenney heads into election day hitting record campaign targets and showing momentum

October 23, 2022 (OTTAWA) — Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney unveiled the statistics behind their campaign and how their record-breaking campaign has exceeded all their targets. 

“Our campaign started with a goal to speak to hundreds of thousands of voters about what building a world-class city means, and I’m proud to announce that we have exceeded all the targets we set,” said McKenney. “This is the kind of momentum we have going into election day, and this is the level of engagement I will continue as your Mayor.” 

Voter engagement

The McKenney campaign has engaged with hundreds of thousands of voters during this campaign period. Here are some of those record-breaking numbers: 

  • 110,000 doors knocked across the city, from Cumberland to Barrhaven to Carp
  • 380,000 phone calls made during the campaign 
  • 4,100 lawn signs requested by voters


McKenney’s incredible voter engagement strategy was thanks to the volunteers of the campaign. Here are some of the numbers on volunteers.

  • 1,700 volunteers have signed up to help build a world-class city with Catherine 
  • Our volunteers have given an average of 25 hours on the campaign
  • Our campaign has hosted more than 380 volunteer events to engage new and returning volunteers 


Mckenney’s campaign raised record-breaking amounts, without hosting $1,200 a plate fundraisers, highlighting their commitment to transparency. 

  • 4,300 separate donations were made during the campaign 
  • $535,000 has been fundraised 

Catherine McKenney’s commitment to engaging voters 

During the campaign, McKenney has visited every part of Ottawa, from Cumberland to Vanier to Carp. They’ve held key policy announcements in various locations around the city, highlighting the issues that matter to each community, and has spoken to voters in all 24 wards. Over the course of the campaign, Catherine has walked 1,737,612 steps. 


Catherine McKenney is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the greenest, healthiest, and most connected city in Canada. For more information visit

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