McKenney: Seniors need services, not deep cuts, at City Hall

McKenney’s plan and strategic investments will help local seniors stay living in the communities they love longer and build a city that seniors can enjoy their retirement years in

September 13, 2022 (OTTAWA) – Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney announced that they will make strategic investments to improve the quality of life for seniors living in Ottawa.

“I will protect the public services that seniors rely on, instead of planning $80 million in cuts like my opponent Mark Sutcliffe,” said McKenney. “We already face big gaps in our services, like snow clearing, transit, and libraries — and we can’t afford to cut another $80 million more.”

McKenney introduced their seniors platform as one that will address the diverse needs of all seniors. McKenney further explained that “seniors in Ottawa have been let down by City Hall for far too long. From feeling unsafe on our sidewalks year-round to not feeling that they can age in the communities they love. As your Mayor, I will prioritize the well-being of seniors in Ottawa.”

McKenney’s commitments to seniors’ well-being include:

  • Protecting and improving Ottawa’s public services — like keeping all library branches open on Sundays, so seniors have a place to visit with their grandchildren and connect with friends
  • Making Ottawa a safer place to walk by investing in more efficient snow clearing on sidewalks and more shade relief during heatwaves.
  • Helping seniors stay in the communities they love, longer by facilitating the creation of more ‘naturally occurring retirement communities.’
  • Building more affordable rental homes with multi-generational families in mind, to ensure seniors have a comfortable home with their children and grandchildren.
  • Helping seniors get around Ottawa by making equitable investments and improvements to Para Transpo and implementing more affordable OC Transpo fare options. 
  • Working with local seniors organizations that provide creative and innovative solutions to help keep seniors active and connected. 

“Seniors built this community and it's our job to ensure they can age here with dignity,” said McKenney. 

If elected as Ottawa’s Mayor, McKenney plans to prioritize the diverse needs of all seniors in our city and their priorities  — from addressing climate change, and affordable housing, to public transit. 

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