McKenney’s financial plan shows unprecedented transparency on how City can fund their ambitious and achievable platform

McKenney’s years of experience at City Hall show through in their unprecedented financial plan detailing how their bold platform for Ottawa will be funded. 

OTTAWA, October 6, 2022 — Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney released their financial plan detailing how their platform will be funded. Catherine’s bold plan for building a world-class city can be implemented while maintaining the current 3 per cent approach to property taxes, recognizing that affordability is key as many in our community struggle to make ends meet. 

The level of detail in McKenney’s robust financial plan is unprecedented in Ottawa city politics, and it is among the most detailed financial plans ever put out by a Canadian mayoral candidate. McKenney’s team of economic advisors has fully costed their platform. 

“My financial plan is ambitious and achievable,” said McKenney. “Because you deserve bold plans for our city with the transparency of showing you how we’ll pay for it. My plan has been created by a team of experts and described by former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page as ‘setting a high standard of fiscal transparency’.”

McKenney has the leadership and experience required to be Mayor, having been involved in the City budget for many years as a Councillor, and before that, as advisor to the City’s senior management. Catherine and the campaign’s team of economists know where to find the flexibility in these budgets and are sharing those insights now. 

The 2022 City of Ottawa operating and capital budgets amounts to $5.1 billion. These budgets have the flexibility to fund priorities our city needs and deserves. Catherine’s financial plan outlines four sources of flexibility to support new priorities, while costing out platform commitments.


Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney has released a financial plan that sets a high standard for fiscal transparency. Key economic and fiscal assumptions, sources and uses of funds and debt sustainability considerations are clearly laid out. This high level of transparency promotes policy debate, accountability and trust.

— Kevin Page
President, Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy, University of Ottawa
Former Parliamentary Budget Officer of Canada

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