McKenney Releases Updated List of Campaign Donors: Voluntarily Discloses Over Half a Million Dollars Raised with Grassroots Support

McKenney asks why Mark Sutcliffe refuses to be equally transparent with voters before polls open on Monday

OTTAWA, October 20, 2022 – Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney disclosed an updated list of donors who have given more than $100 to their campaign, as of Wednesday, October 19th at 5 p.m., 2022. The list of donors includes many new names since McKenney first released their donors list, ten days ago, on October 10th. The updated list, with names and the total amount each person donated, is available on the candidate’s website

This latest donor disclosure also comes as McKenney raises over half a million dollars from more than over 4,000 donations recorded to their campaign, highlighting strong momentum and grassroots support for their candidacy, without having to host closed-door $1,200 fundraisers.

McKenney noted that Sutcliffe’s refusal to make public who is financing his campaign casts unnecessary suspicion on his exclusive $1,200 a ticket fundraising events that were held behind closed doors. 

“It’s disappointing that Mark Sutcliffe is refusing to release information about who is financing his campaign, until after people have voted. Sutcliffe’s lack of transparency fails the public accountability bar and does nothing to increase citizens’ trust in City Hall,” McKenney said.

Concerns about the possible influence of campaign donations from corporate influence and wealthy developers, who financially benefit from billions of dollars in decisions made by elected officials, have been prominent during the current term of Council. 

“It’s very easy to be transparent by publicly posting your donors list on the campaign’s website,” McKenney noted.  “And ethically it’s the right thing to do. People should have confidence that the Mayor is acting in the best interests of everyone,” they said.

McKenney’s donors list shows a wide-ranging base of support spanning across rural, suburban, and urban communities in Ottawa. 

Familiar names on the list include past and present political figures including the Hon. Ed Broadbent, the Hon. Catherine McKenna, and Tyler Meredith who most recently served as Director of Economic Strategy and Planning for Finance Minister Freeland and is Campaign Co-Chair of McKenney’s campaign. 

McKenney will release their donor list a third time at 10 a.m. on election day, October 24.

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