McKenney Releases Campaign Donors List Two Weeks Before Election Day

McKenney calls for all candidates to increase public trust in City Hall by disclosing donors lists before voters head to polls.

OTTAWA, October 10, 2022 – Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney proactively disclosed a full list of donors who have given more than $100 to their campaign, as of Sunday, October 9th, 2022. The list of donors and the total amounts each person donated is available on McKenney’s website. Additionally, McKenney will release an updated list of donors on October 20th, to include new donations to their campaign for the period October 10th - 19th.

“Voters have a right to know who is funding a candidate before they cast their ballot. Making this information public before Election Day isn’t the norm, but it should be and that’s why I’m calling on all other mayoral candidates to disclose their donor lists,” said McKenney. “I’m showing who is funding my campaign, and I’m not holding $1,200 per ticket fundraisers behind closed doors — because my campaign is transparent and accountable to you.”

“People should have confidence that the Mayor is acting in the best interests of everyone,” added McKenney. “When we put residents first, we can build a City Hall that works for everyone – not for corporate interests.”

The announcement builds on McKenney’s long-standing practice of not accepting campaign contributions from developers, including their family members and staff.

“Should I learn that a developer, or their family member or employee has contributed to my campaign, that donation will be returned,” McKenney said. 

The voluntary disclosure is the first of a series of actions McKenney has promised to implement to fix City Hall by making city affairs both fully transparent and fiscally responsible.

The donor information made public by McKenney is consistent with provincial law which requires that all municipal candidates disclose contributions greater than $100, but only in records filed after the election. McKenney’s disclosure goes further than the existing regulations, as they believe being transparent regarding campaign finance contributions before people head to the polls gives residents the details they need to make the most informed decision about who should represent them at City Hall.

McKenney recognizes the importance of the development industry to creating jobs, building our neighbourhoods and growing our city. To sustain this process, they support continued engagement between City Hall and developers in transparent, ethical ways.

All donors above the $100 level:


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