McKenney Calls on Sutcliffe to Release His Donors’ List Before Election Day

OTTAWA, October 18, 2022 – Today, Catherine McKenney released the following statement calling on Mark Sutcliffe to publicly disclose who is financing his campaign for Mayor.

“I am deeply committed to building a City Hall you can trust, and that’s why I’ve released my donors list, to show who’s funding my campaign before you go to the polls  –  and why I have called on other mayoral candidates to do the same.

I released my donors list on October 10th and I’ve announced that I’ll update it on October 20th. But given my deep commitment to transparency, I am now announcing that I will update my list disclosure a third time, by releasing an updated donors list at 10am on election day. 

This is in contrast to Mark Sutcliffe, who claims he will bring transparency to City Hall, but won’t release his list. 

Why should voters believe him when he won’t be transparent and accountable to them about who is financing his campaign, before Election Day? 

Why won’t Mark release his donors’ list to prove developers, their family members and employees, aren’t funding his campaign, as he claims? And why is he so secretive about who attended his exclusive $1,200 per-ticket fundraisers, behind closed doors?

I released a full list of donors who have given more than $100 to my campaign, on October 10th, and will release my updated donors list two more times before voters head to the polls.

In the best interests of restoring public trust in City Hall, Mark should respect voters and provide them with the same transparent campaign finance information that I have. He can do this by disclosing who is funding his campaign before people head to the polls, this Monday.” 

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