McKenney calls on mayoral candidates to join in call to allow Ottawa’s incoming council to select our new police chief

Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney issued the following statement on the Ottawa Police Services Board’s intention to hire a new police chief before the municipal election on October 24.

“I’ve sat at the Ottawa council table for the last eight years and during the convoy occupation that held our city hostage for three weeks. I know from experience why public confidence in our police force is essential. As former chief Peter Sloly recently stated, ‘When trust starts to leave policing, that increases public safety risks.’ 

To keep our city truly safe, there needs to be broad public confidence in the Ottawa Police Service.

That is why today I am reiterating my call for Ottawa’s incoming new city council, rather than the old one, to be allowed to oversee the hiring of our new police chief. 

This is common sense. Soon, Ottawa will have a new council. More than 50% of the current council is not running for re-election. Yet, the outgoing council is pushing to make this hiring decision before Election Day. 

The people of Ottawa deserve the opportunity to have their voice heard on such an important matter, through the councilors they will elect in just a few days’ time. 

At a time when renewed trust in our police force is badly needed, we cannot afford to further erode public confidence by allowing officials to make the choice on their way out the door. 

I wrote to the Chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board back on September 1st asking for this, and today I am calling on all other mayoral candidates to join me. 

I am pleased that mayoral candidate Bob Chiarelli has joined in this call, as have several candidates for city council. It’s important for voters to know that all candidates are on the same page in ensuring their voices are represented when hiring the new police chief.  

This is why I am urging mayoral candidate Mark Sutcliffe to join me and Bob Chiarelli in calling on the Ottawa Police Services Board to allow the new council to make this important decision.” 

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