Making Ottawa the Healthiest City

Catherine in StittsvilleCatherine McKenney is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the healthiest city.

By improving our municipal services that support people, like recreation and social services, we will be able to build a city where everyone can thrive.

Here is Catherine's plan for a healthier city:

Keep all library branches open on Sundays

Libraries are community hubs where people learn and gather for free. But only one-third of Ottawa Public Library branches are currently open on Sundays.

As Mayor, Catherine will keep all library branches open on Sundays, so kids will have a place to visit and learn, and everyone can access wifi and gather.

Keep pools and beaches open longer every year  

Every year, pools and beaches close down in Ottawa when it’s still hot, and while people want to swim, the city doesn’t have enough lifeguards.

Catherine will keep pools and beaches open longer by ensuring we have the available lifeguards. We will do this by sponsoring youth to become lifeguards and reviewing the pay scale to attract and retain them. 

Increase municipal support for social services 

Social services agencies in Ottawa support people dealing with a large range of challenges and situations, including poverty, homelessness, mental health challenges, addictions, and food insecurity. Many agencies also provide tailored support to specific communities, such as newcomers, refugees, and 2SLGBTQI+ communities. 

As Mayor, McKenney will invest an additional $500,000 annually, to support emerging and evolving community and social service needs. 

Audit access to French recreation services 

Catherine wants to ensure that francophones are well served in their language. 

As Mayor, Catherine will audit municipal services in French, including for recreation, to see where the biggest improvements can be made, while working closely with francophone community organizations.