McKenney Unveils Platform for Housing Affordability and Ending Homelessness

Today, Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney announced their plan for housing affordability and ending homelessness.

OTTAWA, September 14, 2022 – An expert in municipal housing issues, Catherine unveiled a comprehensive platform that will end chronic homelessness, keep people in their homes, and improve housing affordability for everyone. 

“Everyone needs a safe and affordable place to live, but it’s getting harder every month for many people to afford housing. I keep hearing people telling me that they’re worried about their children being able to afford to live in Ottawa,” said McKenney. “Housing affordability is a crucial issue in Ottawa, with people and families being priced out of neighbourhoods across our city. We must help keep current housing affordable and create more affordable housing.”

With municipal planning tools, McKenney will prioritize and incentivize the building of affordable homes. With McKenney as Mayor, Ottawa will prioritize getting affordable homes approved with less red tape, so they can be built faster and less expensively.

A longtime advocate and expert on housing and homelessness, McKenney’s plan will end chronic homelessness in Ottawa.

“Ottawa must end homelessness in our city. As Mayor, I’ll do this by ending chronic homelessness in my first term of Council,” added Catherine. “Everyone deserves a safe place to live – and no one should be homeless. It’s within our power to lift everyone from chronic homelessness, including families and children, and it’s time to do it.”




Catherine McKenney is a two-term Councillor, now running to be the next Mayor of Ottawa. Their proven leadership includes standing up to the convoy occupiers on behalf of city residents, pushing for greater transparency and accountability at City Hall, and advocating to build new affordable housing and end homelessness. They are running for Mayor to make Ottawa the greenest, healthiest, and most connected city in Canada. For more information visit:

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Heather Badenoch, [email protected], 613-518-3170

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