McKenney: Make the Ottawa Greenbelt a National Urban Park

Catherine on a wooded trail

McKenney’s plan to preserve the Greenbelt will protect nature, enhance residents’ health, and boost our city’s economic prosperity 

OTTAWA, September 20, 2022 – Today, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney announced that they will work with the National Capital Commission, Parks Canada, Indigenous communities, and local elected officials at all levels of government to preserve the Greenbelt and turn it into a national urban park, if elected Mayor.

“Ottawa has the largest publicly owned Greenbelt in the world and it must be preserved,” said McKenney. “At a time when our city urgently needs bold climate action, turning the Greenbelt into a national urban park will increase Ottawa’s sustainability and protect our natural areas.”

Making the Greenbelt a national urban park will also enhance the health and well-being of Ottawa residents, offering mental health benefits that come with time spent in nature, such as stress reduction and opportunities for social connection. 

“Importantly, the creation of a national urban park will provide Ottawa’s tourism sector and economy with a competitive advantage,” highlighted McKenney. “Our city’s economic prosperity rests on its ability to attract a talented workforce. And we know that quality of life, including access to outdoor recreation and nature, is ranked as a key factor when deciding to move to Ottawa,” they added.

The Greenbelt was created in the 1950s to protect rural land around Ottawa from sprawl. Yet the Greenbelt is often under threat of development. 

McKenney is a longtime climate action advocate, who has often stood up against nature loss in Ottawa. Today’s announcement is the first of two environmental announcements that McKenney will make this week, in addition to hosting a rally before the Ottawa Climate Strike March. 



Catherine McKenney is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the greenest, healthiest, and most connected city in Canada. For more information visit

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