McKenney Will Make Ottawa a World-Class City for Cycling

McKenney unveils their four-year plan to transform Ottawa’s biking infrastructure across our city — without changing the 3% approach to property taxes.


OTTAWA, September 7th, 2022 – Mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney announced today that as Mayor, they will make a transformative investment in Ottawa’s biking infrastructure on an ambitious four-year timeframe. This investment will create a fully connected network, allowing cyclists of all ages and ability levels to safely bike across the city — and within their own neighbourhoods too.

“As Mayor, I will transform Ottawa into one of the best cities in the world for cycling. We’ll do this by building 25 years’ worth of bike infrastructure in four years, using green bonds to bring forward money that we would otherwise spend on cycling infrastructure in the future, for a cost neutral way to cover this transformative investment in our city’s quality of life,” said McKenney. “With more safe bike lanes and multi-use pathways, we’re going to make it easy and safe for kids to bike to school, for all of us to get to nearby shops and services, and to make it easier for the people of Ottawa to do more in moving us towards a low-carbon future.”

Building Ottawa’s full bike network now, rather than over the next 25 years, is a smart fiscal move. Bike infrastructure is a strategic investment that will save the City money. By frontloading 25 years of spending into the next term of Council, financed through a $250 million green bond, we will avoid future construction cost escalations. Further, as more people move around by bike, Ottawa will have less wear and tear on our streets, and will save on road repairs. 

McKenney stated that their investments in cycling infrastructure would be made with the clear goal of creating an All Ages and Abilities network. “We need protected bike lanes, and affordable share programs, that make more people feel safe and comfortable getting around this city on a bike. Bikes are good for our health, and for our environment. They give people an alternative to cars, to help people explore a whole new side of our city.”


An All Ages and Abilities cycling network is a strategic policy for an interconnected system of cycling infrastructure that is safe, comfortable and equitable for all users, including seniors and children. It aims not only to protect and serve current cyclists, but to encourage more people to adopt cycling for recreation and/or transportation.  


This announcement on cycling is the second announcement from McKenney this week, during an exciting week of announcements on transit and transportation. 




About Catherine:

Catherine McKenney is running for Mayor to make Ottawa the healthiest, greenest, and most connected city in Canada.

Their proven leadership has included standing up to the convoy occupiers on behalf of city residents, pushing for greater transparency and accountability at City Hall by championing a public inquiry into Stage One of Ottawa’s light rail transit project, as well as advocating for affordable housing. 

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