Catherine’s Plan for a City Hall We Can Trust

We can build a City Hall that we can trust, and bring people into the decisions that affect them. Together, we will build a healthier, greener, and better connected city — with the transparency you need from our City Hall.

Here is Catherine's plan to build a City Hall we can trust.

1. Allow meaningful public participation in City decisions and budgeting.

Catherine will give people a strong voice in how their City is run, by making City decisions fully transparent and fiscally responsible, while valuing the expertise and lived experience that residents bring to our decision-making.

To do this, Catherine will start budget consultations earlier with more accessible data and broader engagement around priorities and trade-offs.

2. End the influence of money in Ottawa City politics.

When decisions are kept from the public, there’s less room for accountability. Catherine has seen the influence of money creep into City Hall. As Mayor, Catherine will end the influence of money in Ottawa City politics by building more robust democratic processes. 

3. Use fiscal anchors to protect Ottawa city finances.

When Catherine is Mayor, the City of Ottawa will use fiscal anchors, which are financial rules to ensure the sustainability of our City’s fiscal wellbeing. 

As Mayor, Catherine’s first fiscal anchor will be committing to a 3% approach to property taxes.

Secondly, the City already has a fiscal anchor on debt, but it hasn’t been accessible to everyday people. Catherine will make the fiscal anchor on debt accessible to understand, so that you can understand and trust decisions on City finances. 

4. Build a City Hall that works for all of Ottawa

When Catherine is Mayor, we will balance representation (in terms of geography and gender) on council committees and boards — to build decision-making bodies that are representative of all of Ottawa. 

As Mayor, Catherine will ensure that the public has meaningful input throughout major City projects, including through equitable consultation processes. 

5. Introduce a Fair Wage Policy for any contractors and sub-contractors doing business with the City. 

A Fair Wage Policy will mean increased pay for people working for companies with contracts with the City. With a Fair Wage Policy, bidders for City contracts will have to compete on the quality of work they can do, rather than how low they can push down costs at the expense of workers. Everyone deserves a good job, with fair wages and safe working conditions. 

Rising tides lift all boats. The more people earn, the more financially secure they feel, and the more they have to spend with local businesses. A fair wage is good for everyone.

6. Creating a Chief Architect position for the City of Ottawa.

At City Hall, a Chief Architect would help to create better designed public buildings and spaces, including parks, while also improving the City’s procurement process. We need more than a land use planning perspective at City Hall; we need professional perspectives that can challenge the profit-focused facilitation of real estate investment that we see at City Hall; perspectives with a view to greater quality of built form, greater value for money, and greater focus on the public and social good, in both our planning and procurement decision-making.