A City Hall We Can Trust

We've been through a lot together recently, Ottawa. We lived through the failed response to the convoy occupation. And we saw the secretive LRT deals earn millions for big corporations, while you couldn't get to work on time.

Now, Catherine McKenney is running for Mayor because we need more from City Hall.

To make Ottawa even better, we need a transparent City Hall — one that provides people with a meaningful voice in local matters. One that respects and values the expertise that residents bring to our decision-making. One that invites residents to give meaningful input early in the process, instead of asking for input after key decisions have been taken.

Catherine knows that the influence of money needs to be taken out of City Hall.

With Catherine’s leadership as Mayor, our City Hall will be an open book. The City will stop making major decisions behind closed doors — something we learned from the LRT. 

Catherine will introduce an accessible approach to budgeting that gives you a say in how your tax dollars are spent.

With Catherine as Mayor, the City will spend its tax dollars as carefully as you and I manage our household budgets. We will establish fiscal anchor guidelines to ensure the sustainability of our city’s fiscal position and that Ottawa delivers the services we need for a healthy, green and connected city.

Catherine’s plan for a City Hall that works for you

  1. Allow meaningful public participation in budgeting and City decisions
  2. End the influence of money in Ottawa City politics 
  3. Use fiscal anchors to protect Ottawa City finances
  4. Build a City Hall that works for all of Ottawa
  5. Introduce a Fair Wage Policy for any contractors and sub-contractors doing business with the City
  6. Create a Chief Architect position for the City of Ottawa

Read Catherine's full plan for transparency at City Hall