Support Catherine's Plan for Housing Affordability

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home.

Ottawa is in a housing and homelessness crisis, and to effectively address this crisis, we must tackle it at the root. That is why as Mayor, Catherine will eliminate chronic homelessness in our city within their first term of council. 

Catherine has a five-point plan that will:

  1. Build Housing that Meets Everyone’s Needs

  2. End Chronic and Family Homelessness in Four Years

  3. Ensure 1,000 New Homes that are both Moderately and Deeply Affordable are Built Every Year

  4. Prevent Families and Individuals from Falling into Homelessness

  5. Retaining Ottawa’s existing Affordable Housing 

Will you sign?

Support Catherine’s five-point plan to address our housing crisis and to end chronic homelessness.