Catherine McKenney is ready.

Catherine McKenney outsideTo put their experience to work. To work with you.

To bring the healthy, green and sustainable change we want—the change our city needs.

Catherine McKenney has shown leadership time and again. They challenged the convoy occupiers and called for faster action to end the occupation. 

They made the environment part of every discussion at City Hall.

They brought in new housing to build stronger communities and reduce homelessness.

Catherine worked to introduce electric buses, improve transit and make walking and cycling safer.

And they fought for accountability, transparency and stronger democracy at City Hall.

Catherine McKenney with family

Catherine has roots in both Ottawa’s downtown and the suburbs, having lived in Kanata and worked for former Councillor Alex Munter. They also worked as a Strategic Advisor to the Deputy City Manager.

They served proudly as a two-term Councillor for Somerset Ward.

Catherine understands how City Hall works. And they know how to partner with provincial and federal governments to access the investments our city needs.

Catherine lives in West Centretown with their wife and daughter. Catherine is an avid volunteer in our community, and a runner who enjoys Ottawa’s beautiful trails. They cycle year-round, walk and take the LRT to work, support local independent businesses, and have proudly adopted Humane Society animals.