Labour Day Statement from Catherine McKenney  

Catherine marching on labour day

Catherine McKenney issued the following statement on supporting workers across our city and a bringing a Fair Wage Policy to the City of Ottawa.


On Labour Day, I want to recognize and honour workers in every corner of our city and in every sector of our economy.  

Workers keep our city running and contribute to our economic wellbeing – keeping our residents healthy, fed, safe, and supported. In the private, public and nonprofit sectors, workers help us meet the needs of this growing city, by building housing and public infrastructure, and helping us move around the city safely. We rely on workers, as they run our essential public services; contribute to our city’s vibrant arts, entertainment, local business, and tourism sectors; educate and nurture our kids; and much more. 

Yet far too many people are experiencing the strain of living paycheque to paycheque.

The City can and must play its part in addressing this inequity, which is why I am committing today to bring in a Fair Wage Policy for the City of Ottawa. 

A Fair Wage Policy will mean increased pay for people working for companies with contracts with the City. With a Fair Wage Policy, bidders for City contracts will have to compete on the quality of work they can do, rather than how low they can push down costs at the expense of workers. 

Everyone deserves a good job, with fair wages and safe working conditions. Too many people are working precarious, low-wage jobs - jobs that make it challenging to afford a safe place to live, or food for their families.

Rising tides raise all boats. The more people earn, the more financially secure they feel, the more they have to spend with local businesses. A Fair Wage is better for everyone.

On Labour Day, it’s time for our city to do its part.

We know that we deserve more from our city. When we put people first, we can build a city that works for all of us. 

With affordable housing, reliable transit, and the public services that we deserve. To build the Ottawa we need, no one will be left behind. 

For all of us, for every neighbourhood, and for a better Ottawa.

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